Rainbow Flag a distraction to the city

January 21, 2014

Obviously I am very supportive of the LGBT community and their rights – I've been living here since two years after the city was formed.  And not to use that old meme lightly, "most of my friends are gay".

However, I am part of the 60% of the city who is NOT gay (and part of the overlapping non-practicing 35% Jews), and I am very tired of all this dialogue about the rainbow flags and colors on street corners and the city's gay politics and focus to the exclusion of all the other issues the city faces – as well as the interests of the majority of the city who is NOT gay.

I do not fall into any of the categories the city so intently focuses on.  I am not gay, I am not a senior (not yet anyway), I am not disabled, I am not Russian (at least not for the past three generations), I do not live in rent-controlled housing nor do I need Affordable Housing.

What is this city doing for the majority of its citizens who do not fall into these categories?

What is the city doing for someone like me besides taking away my quality of life with the constant construction everywhere, residential and commercial, traffic congestion everywhere with all expectations of it getting worse, the lack of parking – and I don't expect it to all be free, just expect to be able to find it if I want to go to a store or restaurant outside of my immediate neighborhood?

Cutting parking code for development to satisfy the demands of developers instead of trying to meet the needs of the city’s residents and consumers?  

Especially when they invite over 500,000 people to come to our 1.6 square mile/34,000 resident city every Halloween?  

How are they all supposed to fit in?

Increasing the density of one of the most dense cities in the state based on the false premise – recently exposed by the LA Times – that SCAG's estimates of LA's population increasing is actually decreasing, as I have been repeatedly stating before the City Council and Strategic Planning Department during the General Plan meetings over the past few years and is information fully available from the past 30 years censuses for this city?

When is the city going to realize that there is more to this city than their minority political window dressing and start addressing the needs of the city that affects ALL the residents?

Enough already with the discussion about rainbow flags and where they should be. 

That is a meaningless and frankly, a useless distraction from more pertinent and pressing civic issues.