Women file civil suit over alleged rapes at Abbey

April 8, 2013

Two female patrons of the The Abbey Bar and Restaurant allege that employees drugged and raped them and are each seeking $10 million in damages from the club.

The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court and first reported by TMZ.com; in it the plaintiffs used the pseudonyms Joanna Doe and Yvette Doe to allege that employees served them drinks spiked with drugs, carried them out of the rear door of the bar and sexually assaulted them.

A man married to one of the plaintiffs and using the pseudonym David Doe, is also suing The Abbey on the grounds that the actions of its staff caused significant damage to his relationship with his wife.

In that case, David’s spouse Joanna Doe names names, claiming that an employee named Oscar Iraheta her to his car parked across the street and raped her after a server put knock out drops into her drink.

The alleged rape of took place on April 14, 2011.

Yvette Doe was dating a female at the time and claims to have never engaged in sexual intercourse with a man when she claims two employees named in the lawsuit as "Doe 99" and "Doe 100" sneaked date-rape drugs into her drink while she was visibly upset after having an argument with her partner.

The lawsuit goes on to allege that the employees then dragged her out of the bar in her drugged stupor and raped her.

Both incidents were reported to the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department; neither allegation went any further than a report, no arrests were made or charges were brought.

The plaintiffs' attorney, Robert W. Hirsch of Beverly Hills, stated in the lawsuit that the women were falsely led to believe the The Abbey provided a safe environment. He argues that the owners of the Abbey failed to properly train and supervise their employees, even were aware of the incidents, and are therefore liable for the alleged rapes of the two women.

"The Abbey was not a safe and secure environment for women; it was dangerous environment for women, where its employees, among others, served unsuspecting patrons, often female, drinks corrupted with date rape drugs and thereafter raped them," the lawsuit states.

"The facts stated above were well known to the owners and operators, who took no meaningful or effective steps to prevent the conduct from occurring," the lawsuit says.

Brian Rosman, a spokesman for the Abbey, released the following statement on behalf of the owners:

"When the incident was brought to our attention, we cooperated fully with the local police on an investigation and no criminal charges were ever filed. We will continue to keep the safety of our customers and employees a top priority, as we have for the past 24 years."

A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for July 23.