Landavazo finally submits financial forms

February 7, 2013

The “bring back law and order to city government” city council candidate finally obeyed state election law and submitted his campaign’s financial reports for the period ending 1/19/2013.

Sheriff deputy Christopher Landavazo is running for city council on a " bring back law and order to democracy" platform. He posted this photo on his Facebook page.

One-year resident and first-time council candidate Christopher Landavazo released his campaign donations this week – nearly two weeks after the state law requires – reporting that he had given his own campaign $9,500 and raised another $18,951 in cash contributions.

His campaign staff or restaurant venues have contributed services in the amount of $2,500 in non-cash contributions.

He lists 51 contributors – nine of them live in West Hollywood and 12 live outside the state of California.

The West Hollywood contributors include John Heilman, a sitting city council member, Steve Martin, a fellow challenger and himself ($500). 

The remaining six WeHo contributors have given his campaign a total of $1,900.

See the report here…

Neither Mr. Landavazo, who is a sheriff’s deputy and sworn to uphold the law, nor his campaign consultant, John Applegate, replied to calls for comment, but Mr. Applegate told a local publication the reason for disobeying the state law was a fear of retaliation from incumbents felt by the six other city residents who donated to his campaign.

It remains unclear how late reporting of the half-dozen remaining city-based donors (two sheriff’s deputies, three self-employed professionals and one local bar owner with an LA address) would prevent their being intimidated nor has Mr. Landavazo explained how the incumbents could harm the deputies, therapists, lawyers and activists on the list.

The fines for failing to report campaign donations are $10 per day not to exceed $100.

Consultant for the Prang and Duran campaigns, Steve Afriat, told WeHo News the real penalty will come at the voting booth.

“This is a guy who says the incumbents act unethically, yet he delays telling us who is financing his campaign,” said Mr. Afriat.

“If he truly meant what his campaign literature says – that he would bring law and order back to democracy in the city – he might begin by following the law himself.”

Mr. Landavazo’s reporting shows that he ranks fourth in the race for funding in the campaign, handily beating seven-time candidate Steve Martin and trailing first-time candidate Sam Borelli.