Born This Way author talks to WeHo News

January 24, 2013


Paul V., a local DJ, has compiled a set of stories of men and women who are gay, but did not choose to be, entitled “Born This Way.”

WeHo News Cultural correspondent Roy Rogers Oldenkamp sat down with Paul V. to discuss his venture, which, while it began as an idea for a book, truly blossomed when he erected a site online to collect stories.

He wrote in Huffington Post for National Coming Out Day, “I originally envisioned a book, but after the rash of those heartbreaking gay suicides last fall, I knew I had to start the concept online ASAP.

"I wanted to create a safe place for the LGBTQ youth of today to hopefully see themselves in our stories of the past, and find some solace and encouragement. And if I could help save even just one life, my ultimate goal would be achieved.

“And, I think it's about time the world knows what it means to grow up as an LGBTQ kid,” he said.

He has an interesting take on the issue, saying, “My blog… bears no scientific proof that we are indeed born LGBTQ. But then again, straight people don't have any heterosexual scientific proof [they are born that way], either.”

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Most importantly, though, watch this video of our exclusive interview with Paul V.

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