Borelli campaign raising big money

January 24, 2013

With less than six weeks until the March 5 election, the Sam Borelli for West Hollywood City Council Campaign says it has surpassed its fundraising goal for this date.

Sam Borelli speaking at a fundraiser. His campaign announced today that is has raised in excess of $20,000.

The campaign is about to release information outlining over $20,000 in campaign funds donated in eight week.

The funds were raised from more than 120 contributors, said its press release, averaging out to roughly $166 per donation.

Given the prevailing doubt that a non-incumbent can raise the funds necessary to be a viable candidate, a primary concern of the proponents of term limits, Mr. Borelli seems to be showing that a challenger can stand generate grass roots support enough to fund a strong campaign.

His press release credits his “engaging all people to work together for success is resonating across West Hollywood. It is that type of leadership that this community seeks,” says the release.

“I am honored to have so many people financially support my candidacy. It is their encouragement that inspires this undertaking and motivates me to double our campaign efforts and win this seat for the next generation of leaders in West Hollywood.” said Mr. Borelli.


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Mr. Borelli is making his first run for public office.


“Sam’s ability to inspire camaraderie in the West Hollywood community is obvious, That Sam raised $20,000, predominantly from individuals, and especially over the holidays, is a real testament to their confidence that he is the right person for the job,” says Karen Bajza, West Hollywood resident and a professional fundraiser (not for the Borelli campaign, however).

According to the press release and in interview with WeHo News, Mr. Borelli says he is running for City Council to help restore the public’s confidence in city government by offering leadership which encourages improved accessibility to all constituents and deeper engagement in the decision making process.

He is running on a “As a City, We Can Do Better” plank.

Over 75 residents, business owners and community leaders have endorsed Sam Borelli because he is uniquely qualified to be the next West Hollywood City Councilmember.

Earlier this week Mr. Borelli announced that his campaign found an increasing number of women are endorsing and supporting him in his council bid, the first for the 12 year resident.

One of those endorsers sits on West Hollywood’s Lesbian & Gay Advisory Board, apparently demonstrating that not all board and commission members are afraid of incumbents’ alleged “bullying” tactics.

Sue Sexton says, "I am proudly endorsing Sam Borelli for West Hollywood City Council because he authentically cares about the well being of our city and all of her constituents.

"He has worked passionately on programs ranging from youth issues to senior issues. He listens to the needs of the community and is inclusive of those various voices in his work. Sam will continue to be a strong advocate for all of the community."