Burglar suspect sought in Plummer Park

January 19, 2013

West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies descended in full force this morning onto the Eastside’s Plummer Park this morning at 6:40 am, responding to a report of a burglary and a suspect who fled into the park.

Deputies sought a burglar suspect using a chopper. Photo by MichaelPolesPhotography.com.

Sgt. Gunnels at the branch station told WeHo News that the call came in at 6:38 and an all-points bulletin went out immediately afterward.

“There was a reported burglary not far from the park,” she said.

She declined to say whether the burglary was residential or commercial.

Sheriff’s deputies set up a perimeter around the park and on the nearby streets.

Some neighbors found they could not leave the area.

Samantha Stevens tweeted,  “They won't let any residents in or out on Fuller between Fountain and Santa Monica… keep announcing to stay inside.”

According to neighboring residents, a Sheriff’s helicopter appeared overhead, circling the park and surrounding area repeatedly for two hours, from roughly 7 am to 9 am.

The chopper left and the perimeter was opened up shortly after 9 am.

No suspect was captured.