Term Limits campaign announces leaders

December 12, 2012

The small group of activists that placed a term limits initiative on the March 5, 2013, ballot announced this week that former-council candidate, former-city commissioner and former West Hollywood West Residents Association president Lauren Meister will serve as the Chairman of the “Yes on Measure C” campaign committee.

Lauren Meister has served on commissions and as president of the West Hollywood West Residents Association. Photo by michaelpolesphotography.com

She said in a statement, “West Hollywood is ready for fresh, new leadership, but City Hall insiders have created an institutional impediment to change.” 

The measure limits council members to 12 years in office and would not be retroactive, giving all five incumbents another dozen years to advantage themselves of the alleged, “institutional impediment to change.”

“A YES vote on Measure C will ensure that everyone in our community has an equal opportunity to participate in local government,” she said.

After that 12-year period, she and the campaign expect that their term limits measure will,” …result in new ideas, new energy, a brighter future for West Hollywood.”

The group’s most recent campaign finance filing shows total cash contributions of $4866 with $2017.33 in expenses, along with a $5000 nonmonetary contribution from California Terms Limits PAC.

That group, operated by Orange County Republican Jon Fleischman, put people in the field to collect signatures to put the measure on the ballot.

See the full financial report here…

The group also announced that former-council candidate Scott Schmidt, a Republican political consultant who operates RSC Partners, Inc. will manage the Yes on C campaign. 

He had previously volunteered his services to the initiative’s signature drive effort.

RSC Partners’ clients have included National Organization for Women PAC’s "Hillary Speaks for Me" campaign, Republicans Against 8 as well as representing businesses and trade associations.

Mr. Schmidt ran for council in 2011, taking in 1447 votes and sixth place in a field of ten.

Ms. Meister has run two failed campaigns for council, in 2003 garnering 1364 votes for a fourth place finish in a field of nine and in 2007, gaining 1530 votes to finish third in a field of four.

In 2009, after the city council appointed political naif Lindsey Horvath to the council to replace the recently-deceased Sal Guarriello, Ms. Meister expressed her views in WeHo News about the importance of rethinking term limits.