Letters to the Editor 2012-06-07

June 7, 2012


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This Week:

RE: WeHo News returns to publication after hiatus


Carlos Sosa, West Hollywood

It was certainly intimate and I know that it will inspire a lot folks. I, personally, thank you for sharing your story and being open about it.

I have several friends that have gone through rehab and am familiar with both the process and how much of a personal commitment it takes (some put the effort in, and unfortunately others don't).

I'm sure your story will let people know that there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.

I too was one of the many wondering what had happened to WeHoNews.com. I was starting to wonder if I had hit the 'unsubscribe' button by mistake!

But I am very much glad to know you are back and at the helm with providing the folks the latest on local happenings.

This is an exciting time to be back, as there is plenty going on both locally and nationally (i.e. pride week, the election, etc…).

On the surface, many think that running a business is easy and that it's just about the money and the profits, but as a business owner myself I know that it takes plenty of time, energy, and it often cuts into our personal lives.

So I wish you the best in this next phase for WeHoNews… but more importantly, I wish you good health in your personal life, as that always comes first.

Re: Gay Pride 2012

Pat Rocco, Hawaii,


Once again it's Gay Pride Week in West Hollywood (and also around the world with different dates).

To those in West Hollywood – express yourself with PRIDE weather on the sidewalk or in the Parade or at the Festival.  There's MUCH to be proud about,  and you have your different ways of showing it.  Mostly, it's important to SHOW IT!

But don't let that Pride last for just a few days.  Let it shine from you all year, every year.

I wish I could be with you as I've been in the past,  but circumstances prohibit it.

So all I can do is send you all my love and best wishes for a great Pride celebration,  particularly to Rodney Scott and all the Board members of the Christopher Street-West Association,  and all those wonderful volunteers who help to keep all the events going smoothly.

Much Love,   Pat Rocco (first CSW president – 1973)