Edition gets nod

June 7, 2012

Edition Hotel in Istanbul.

West Hollywood City Council approved modifications to the planned Sunset-Doheny Hotel at its Monday night meeting.

In March 2010, the City Council approved the 11-story, mixed-use hotel project at 9040 Sunset Blvd. (at Doheny Drive) with 148 hotel rooms, 20 condominiums, 18,000 square feet of retail space and 5,800 square feet of conference meeting rooms.

At the time, the hotel project as proposed by developer Richard Weintraub had no buyer, nor any specific plans attached to it.

The Marriott chain has signed on to operate the hotel as the West Coast flagship of its new “Edition” brand of high-end hotels. 

The chain currently operates n Hawaii and Istanbul, Turkey and has hotels planned for London, Miami and New York City.

Marriott came hat-in-hand to request modifications to the originally approved plan, asking permission to increase to 190 hotel rooms, reduce retail space, include a 5,000 square-foot “Crazy Box” nightclub adjacent to the subterranean parking garage and add eight feet to the building’s height for a 3,100 square-foot bar area adjacent to the rooftop pool.

The Council seemed enthused about Marriott’s takeover because they are purchasing the development from developer Richard Weintraub.

It represents one of only five hotels in the chain of more than 4,000 locations that Marriott owns.

Marriott has tossed out the plans for the hotel approved in 2010 designed by noted architect Eric Owen Moss.

That design was described at the time as “landmark architecture” that would have stood out on the Sunset Strip.

The architect on the dais cautioned about allowing Marriot have its own way with new the design.

“Our exuberance over the next 40 minutes of this meeting will result in 70 years of [a building] being in the city,” said Council member John D’Amico. “We want to make sure that what we are agreeing to… [is] something we want to have.”

The rooftop pool area proposed for the hotel, which would serve liquor until 1:30 am, kicked up dust.

Mr. D’Amico suggested Marriott build a donut-shaped bar area around the pool to blunt the sound.

The council proved so eager to approve the additional room-count that it ignored neighbors’ concerns about the lack of additional parking contained in the basic plans for those extra rooms.

Originally approved for 376 parking spaces, the modifications requested push the parking requirement to 488 spaces, an increase of 112.

Marriott hopes to escape building those spaces, claiming that it could secure off-site parking to make up the difference.

Although several speakers denounced council’s plans to allow  yet another under-parked development to get under way, no more was said about the condition.