February 27, 2012

In March I will have been working diligently at creating, building, editing and publishing WeHo News for seven full years – without any vacation.

Ryan Gierach created WeHo News after pubishing his second history – of West Hollywood.

The average work week for a small businessman like me, who does everything not carrying a byline on the site, is roughly 65 hours, week in, week out without let up.

Sure, there have been holiday seasons where little work came across the desk, but little work is still work.

Frankly, West Hollywood, I am burned out.

What began as a small project that one person could operate has outgrown that person.

So, I am going on retreat, a vacation, a removal from society, telephones, the Internet, television and newspapers and am going to immerse myself in the analogue life.

For the next few weeks (a period yet to be determined), I will reacquaint myself with me, reboot the old noggin and refuel my the spiritual gas tank.

I’ll come back a better spouse, a better guardian for little WeHo, the family’s dog, a better friend, a better neighbor and a better newsman and, most importantly, a more positive force for betterment of our beloved urban village.

Editing and presenting the work of our contributors has been a special privilege and something we will continue upon my return.

We'll soon return to presenting you health doses of Steve Martin, more Werner Haas, Patrick Mahaney, Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, more Todd Bianco, Sean Patrick, Ronald Shore and Patrick Kibby, Carleton Cronin, Anthony Gioffre, Carol Pearlman, Samuel Bernstein and the  other columnists and guest voices that appear regularly on WeHo News

We also, here at WeHo News, have some plans in the works for a major expansion of the online paper, something we’ll have put together by the end of my sabbatical.

Watch for my return to WeHo and that major announcement.

And watch yourselves, for editors are like moms – I have my eyes in the back of my head just like my mom, only in different form – I have scads of citizen journalists poking around town collecting tid bits for boffo news stories. 

A few weeks is only that.

Thanks so much for reading WeHo News – and thanks for your support of the only truly local news publication in West Hollyood.