Medical Marijuana For Dummies: Soda Pot

January 31, 2015

These medical marijuana sodas will quench your thirst and still the pain or boost your appetite. By Ryan Gierach.

We thought we’d let readers say it this week – Marijuana soda “works for me,” said “Mick” Reynolds from the West side of LA. “It dulls the pain first thing in the morning; doesn’t take it away completely, but it sure beats the alternatives like narcotics,” he said. “Those drugs all have side effects worse than marijuana. Because of [Marijuana pop] I can take care of myself. I am able to stand for a few minutes at a time, which means I can actually cook a fast meal other than frozen microwave food.”

Summer’s here and the medi-mari soda pop is flying off the shelves, say the local dispensaries. One club needed to install coolers 50 percent larger to accommodate the growth in demand. Why the jump in demand for something that could barely be found last summer?

The selection of flavors runs the gamut from cola to cherry pot soda. All these are designed for adult use as medical marijuana. By Ryan Gierach.

Convenience. In this age where “getting in and out” is valued over virtually all else, people on the go are increasingly turning to medicine in bottles they can swig when they need pain relief, solving another common summer problem at the same time, gaining relief from thirst. interviewed a handful of departing medical marijuana patrons outside the “pot clubs” where they got their medication. Mr. Reynold’s was one case (he keeps a bottle on his nightstand so he can drink it to get up from bed), but most often the convenience comes from having it in a cooler and ready for an afternoon meeting you don’t want to smoke before, but need some pain relief for.

“I have a couple in my company fridge,” said one woman who asked to remain anonymous because she works locally, “but I keep the bag they’re in sealed up because it’s against company policy to use [medication] in the store.” Even though she works for a big box store that generates tons of trash, she also takes the empties off-site for disposal. “You can never be too careful,” she said, “and this way at least I’m not smoking and carrying joints or pipes around at work.”

The situation she describes is a major reason why people turn to beverages, candy and foodstuffs if they must function in a work environment. Meanwhile, federal law enforcement officials, anxious to make their case against all uses of marijuana, raided a cannabis candy manufacturer named Beyond Bomb in Oakland in mid-March, seizing thousands of plants, a large cache of cash and the company’s recently manufactured and warehoused cannabis candies and soda pop.

Candies are also a convenient way to get medication from marijuana without smoking it. By Ryan Gierach.

The candy and beverage products, drug-laced snacks called Rasta Reece’s, Pot Tarts, Buddahfingers, Munchy Way, Pot Tarts and Puff-a-Mint Pattie and other parodies of popular products, were packaged in eye-catching candy wrappers that, in their assessment, “might pose danger to kids.”

“I by these all the time,” said Josh Hilger, 21 of Los Angeles, speaking of the candies and the sodas. “I can’t puff at the salon where I work in Beverly Hills, so I take the sodas in. I drink a couple a day and that works for me.” He uses medical marijuana, he says, to keep his weight up while he battles a chronic illness.

West Hollywood residents should be reminded that while the city makes enforcement of all marijuana laws a low priority, the Federal Government does enforce their laws prohibiting the use, growth, sale or possession of marijuana.

The dispensaries in the City carry a wide variety of beverages and edibles such as candy.

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