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Mooneys lie

WeHo News disavows spurious endorsement of Block made by imposter

By Ryan Gierach, the REAL Founder, Publisher, Owner and Editor of WeHo News, West Hollywood, California

WeHo News’ founder, editor and publisher today disavowed the claim made by nutrition manufacturer Michael Mooney that he publishes WeHo News and is endorsing Larry Block for election in June.

mooney false claims

“Michael Mooney does not publish WeHo News,” said Ryan Gierach, who founded the publication in 2005 and has served as its only editor.

“For him to create the impression that he currently publishes WeHo News, has been actively and overtly playing politics to get ‘HIS’ favorite pols elected – in direct contravention of this publication’s strict separation of its editorial and publishing arms.”

In his endorsement of Larry Block for city council in the June election, sent in an E mail blast this morning by the Block campaign, Mr. Mooney says, “After spending $30,000 to be the Publisher of, in part to get John D’Amico elected, I urge you to elect a passionate idealist to join D’Amico (and Lauren Meister!) on the city council.”

“Mendacity, mendacity, mendacity! He believes he can lie to the city, claim to be someone he is not, thereby gain their trust and bank their vote for Larry Block? Without me taking notice…

“I stole this line, but it fits here: ‘I don’t know whether to laugh at him or beat him – or laugh at him while I beat him.’”

Mr. Mooney served as the publication’s publisher for a six month period in early 2010, according to Mr. Gierach.

“Mike said when he came to me with the offer of investing, his intent was to save the journal, not to get certain people elected,” Mr. Gierach said.

“Now he’s taking credit for using me and this publication for his own political ends. Apparently Michael hasn’t heard that the days of Citizen Kane are ended.

mooniea“Mr. Mooney’s time with WeHo News ended six months before John D’Amico began his first run for office. How does he square the circle between reality (a six month tenure five years ago) and his claim to have elected John D’Amico to office in 2011 and continued publishing since then?

“He publicly trumpets his refusal to conform to industry standards of separation between business and editorial arms of a news publication, an attitude that forced his resignation after just six months,” said Mr. Gierach.

“Despite my insistence on keeping access WeHo News’ pages open and available to all without political favor, Mr. Mooney saw himself instead as the next Hearst or Murdoch, a mover and shaker, a kingmaker.

“Mr. Mooney came to the publication with $30,000 to invest – and no other qualifications to be a publisher. Publishers are not politicians. They run a business, make sales, create revenue and pay the bills.

“Michael Mooney, in the six months’ time he had responsibility for WeHo News’ revenue stream, discovered, pumped and bucketed a dribble of cash flow that wended its way through the books, drying up several pages before reaching the bills it was meant to quench.

“The world is full of people who want to ‘be’ something without having to do anything,” said Mr. Gierach. “Mr. Mooney is an accomplished man; he might try trumpeting his real accomplishments rather than don faux exploits to cloak his message’s intent.”

“I call on the Larry Block campaign to set the record straight – Michael Mooney does not publish WeHo News. WeHo News has not endorsed Larry Block. WeHo News is making no endorsement at all in this election.”

Mooneys lie