About WeHo News, West Hollywood’s pioneering online newspaper – since 2005

From Ryan Gierach, founding editor

I began publishing WeHo News in 2005 because the Creative City had no dedicated news organ. I knew from having written the only published history of West Hollywood that writers blanketed the city, just like the grounded leaves in a Connecticut fall, and that they would be happy to make the occasional contribution.

The publication was to be a community-based and -focused online newspaper that would present hard news, features, commentary, keep an eye on small indie films and 99-seat theaters, and tell something of the tale of how a railroad town named Sherman became the beacon of hope for millions of people around the world seeking the dignity and respect that comes from “coming out” and standing proudly no matter who or what you are.

WeHo News is wholly West Hollywood’s

Conceived, written, edited and published in the heart of the Creative City by WeHo residents about West Hollywood, and only about West Hollywood, we focus these days on long form, explanatory journalism, opinion and top-drawer photography and videography

WeHo News

Is about all things West Hollywood, the people, the things, the ideas that make the Creative City the envy of the world.

WeHo News is about ideas, though, first and foremost. Being the world’s window into WeHo (one in six of our readers come from outside the US), we offer a platform for local world-class work on art, social justice and for social critics.

This cyber newspaper is a reflection of you, WeHo, created, written, photographed and polished by your neighbors.

Why WeHo News?

To give West Hollywood the newspaper it deserves – world-class in appearance and ease of navigation with well written community-focused news, top-drawer features and profiles, community voices speaking on a wide range of subjects.

It is a public forum, if you will, along with all the other functions of a local small town newspaper, civic announcements, things to do, shopping and services directory and an advertising vehicle for the local business community.

What is WeHo News?

WeHo News is a community news and information resource for the residents and businesses in West Hollywood.

Published only online, the cyber newspaper allows for the free exchange of ideas and community news that high printing and distribution costs inhibit in the traditional ‘throw-away” press.

Who writes for WeHo News?

WeHo News is predominantly a creation of the residents of the city. We have roughly 20 regularly contributing writers who write on their avocations and/or fields of interest.

The news stories and features are written by Ryan Gierach, West Hollywood historian and founder of the site, under the byline, WeHo News staff. All other articles carry a byline.

If you have something you’d like to share with the community, you, too, could do it through this cyber newspaper. Just send us an E mail: info@wehonews.com.

How do I submit an article for WeHo News?

You could just send us an E mail: info@wehonews.com, or call our editorial offices at at 323) 498-0896 with your story or story suggestion.

Can I report news to you?

Absolutely. We need your eyes and ears around town to call attention to problems in the making, or breaking news stories.

Call us or E mail us if your see or hear of something newsworthy; we’ll follow it up and write about it.

This site is about you, West Hollywood, and so it is to you we look for direction.

Tell us your story.

Tell us what you’d like to see and read about.

Tell us what you’re interested in hearing about.

Hit us back at info@wehonews.com with your thoughts.